Hi, my name is Yvette and I am the person behind Best Life Forward.

I registered bestlifeforward.com on January 30, 2006, almost 15 years to the point of writing this page. At the time, I felt that I was not living the way I wanted to live and just went ahead and registered the domain with the thought of building a site that would help me and others like me push through life’s challenges and move forward. Well, that day finally arrived this year of all years, the year of COVID 19.

I feel the need to organize every facet of my life and will start by decluttering and organizing my home as I feel doing so would make a massive difference in my mental state and help strengthen me to move on to other areas. The internet is full of people sharing tips and tricks for getting through life so I will start by learning from others who have been there and see if their life hacks work for me too!

Maybe my sharing this journey will help you to start your ‘best life forward’ journey as well. If you have time, check out what else I’ve been doing before reaching this point in my life. 

Keep reading if you have time

I may have procrastinated starting this site but I did keep myself busy trying to bring light into people’s lives while trying to put my best life forward.

In 2009 I took over a movie meetup and grew it from 135 members to well over 12K members by 2020 making it the second-largest group of its kind in Canada. I also helped a local charity during Christmas by donating funds received from charging members for free movie passes donated to the group.

In 2015 I was feeling stressed and after hearing about how calming coloring was I started the first coloring meetup group in Toronto! It was satisfying to have over 1500 people join up for monthly coloring meetups around the city. Lots of great food, coloring and conversation, and new friendships came from it.

I like helping others whenever I can so friends and colleagues see me as the ‘go-to person who has the answer or will come up with ideas for finding the answer to a problem. My goal for Best Life Forward is simple; it will be a place with ideas, tips, or observations on how to start making the life you want one small change at a time.

What’s stopping you from loving who you are?

What’s holding you back from applying for that new job?

How do I stop negatively comparing myself to others?

I ask myself the same questions and will be learning right along with you as I too want to create a happier future for myself. I hope you will spend some time here and pick up a nugget or two that will make a positive difference in your life.